Understanding Culture, Society & Politics, Module 7: Philippine Mass Media

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Published on 2022 June 16th

This UCSP class module discusses how the media plays a central role in the functioning of democracies, often called the Fourth Estate, to stress its significant role as a vanguard of the people against government excess. This module explains the many functions of mass media: it informs, instructs, interprets, diverts our attention from other activities, and allows us to bond with family or like-minded individuals. The media, specifically those that deliver the news, have an essential role in democratic societies, which are as follows: gatekeeper, watchdog, agenda-setting, and agent of socialization.
● Identify the systems of government; and
● Explain the media’s functions and roles in society;
● Discuss the role of social media and how it has transformed the media’s role;
● Develop awareness of current issues surrounding the mass media; and
● Provide an explanation on how the media promotes positive values in society.

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K to 12
Grade 11, Grade 12
Cultural, Social, and Political Change Sources of social, cultural, and political change
Identify new challenges faced by human populations in contemporary societies Describe how human societies adapt to new challenges in the physical, social, and cultural environment -

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