Understanding Culture, Society & Politics, Module 1: Understanding Culture, Society, and Politics through the Different Lenses of Social Sciences

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Published on 2022 June 16th

This UCSP class module discusses that to understand social issues and critical phenomena that impact our government and community, we should learn the basics of how culture, society, and politics are connected. Social elements determine the dynamics among human beings, cultural attributes describe how traditions have formed and developed, and political actors explain power distribution across different levels. Moreover, this module helps understand the fusion and interactions of these elements, which can be compounded upon taking on perspectives based on critical social science disciplines like Anthropology, Sociology, and Political Science.
● Describe themselves according to their cultural, social, and political backgrounds;
● Provide analysis on how one’s background influences their identity (values, beliefs, behavior);
● Explain the concepts of culture, society, and politics and their respective elements;
● Examine how the cultural, social, and political phenomena happening around us continuously
influence or change us as individuals;
● Provide the perspectives or lessons from the three key disciplines of Social Sciences - Anthropology,
Sociology, and Political Science;
● Differentiate the theories and methods employed by each discipline;
● Determine how the theories or lessons from the Social Sciences can better equip us to understand
people and society; and
● Explain how the lessons of the Social Sciences can be applied in one’s own praxis.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 11, Grade 12
Starting points for the understanding of culture, society, and politics
Identify the subjects of inquiry and goals of anthropology, political science, and sociology

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