Understanding Culture, Society & Politics, Module 4: Nationhood and State

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Published on 2022 June 16th

This UCSP class module defines a nation and expounds on how it can be identified culturally or politically, wherein the members of a country may espouse nationhood. This psychological element features belongingness and shared identity. The module expounds on nationhood and how a nation should not be interchanged with a state, which is political and has established sovereignty over its physical boundaries. Meanwhile, a nation-state refers to a political community or association whose members consider themselves to belong to a single nation.
● Define the concepts “nation,” “state,” and “nation-state”; ● Identify the bases (or prerequisites) of nationhood and statehood; ● Provide insight on the status of the Philippines as a nation and as a state; ● Explain the national identity of the Philippines; and ● Explain the civic aspect of the Philippines as a nation.

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K to 12
Grade 11, Grade 12
How society is organized
Traces kinship ties and social networks Traces kinship ties and social networks

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