Understanding Culture, Society & Politics, Module 5: Political Structures in the Philippines I

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Published on 2022 June 16th

This UCSP class module discusses political structures or institutions and their function based on social contract and constitution, further defined by power, authority, legitimacy, and rights. These are not limited to formal organizations of government, which vary over time and to the context of particular societies. This module discusses the significance of understanding the existing political institutions and their respective functions in the Philippines, as these are also related to our rights as citizens and how these structures are accountable to us.
● Define political structures and explain related concepts; ● Explain the concepts of power, authority, legitimacy, rights, social contract, and constitution; ● Motivate critical thinking and awareness on the bases of the existence of political structures; ● Examine the functions of political structures, particularly, in Philippine society today; and ● Define the constitution.

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K to 12
Grade 11, Grade 12
How society is organized
Traces kinship ties and social networks Traces kinship ties and social networks

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