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Lagumang Pagsusulit sa Matematika 3 Published on 2020 February 3rd

A Summative Test for Grade Three intended to evaluate different competencies in multiplication.

Grade 3 | Mathematics | DOCX 58,879 Downloads

Balance the cups: use the rule 1 Published on 2018 August 13th

Put blocks into the cups on the scales to make them balance. Think about the number rule and the problem to help you work out how many blocks you need in each cup. Finish the number sentence to show an equal number of blocks on each side. This learning object is the first in a series of three learning objects.

Grade 2 | Mathematics | 19,210 Downloads

Ang Kulay at ang Pagbubuo Nito: Ikaapat na Baitang Published on 2014 August 14th

color and its principles are being explained on this module.

Grade 4 | Arts | PDF 11,201 Downloads

Arrays: word problems with products from 10 to 30

Read a number problem and think about how to solve it. For example, when 13 is divided by a number, the answer is 6 with a remainder of 1. Write the problem as a multiplication or division number sentence with a missing number. Think about multiplication or division facts to find the missing number. Test your answer by making an array of equal rows and columns to show the multiplication or division fact and the remainder. This learning object is one in a series of six objects.

Grade 4 | Mathematics | 5,948 Downloads

Formative / Summative Assessment Tool in Mathematics 3 Published on 2019 February 6th

This formative test was made based on the new curriculum competency, K to 12. It is a material for learners and support for teachers that will enable them to meet the higher expectations set by a curriculum that is committed to cope with change and build a solid mathematics foundation.

Grade 3 | Mathematics | DOCX 4,868 Downloads

MISOSA Mga Detalye ng Ulat o Balita at Pagsulat ng Patalastas at Balita Published on 2014 November 10th

This module contains activities aimed to sharpen learners' skill in noting details and writing news and advertisements.

Grade 4 | Filipino | PDF 4,823 Downloads

Balay Namon Sa Baybay Published on 2018 November 27th

A localized song written in Mother Tongue (Hiligaynon) that will develop the singing and recitation skills of Grade I pupils.

Grade 1 | Mother Tongue | PDF 3,644 Downloads

Ang Aking Bansa Published on 2019 December 17th

This contextualized lesson exemplar "Ang Aking Bansa" can be used in enumerating beautiful places and tourist spots in Kabankalan City and considered them as natural resources of the Country.

Grade 4 | Araling Panlipunan | PDF 3,382 Downloads

BEAM Making Judgements Published on 2014 October 9th

This material contains activities and learning guides for the concepts of making judgments on texts and using prepositions and prepositional phrases.

Grade 4 | English | 3,255 Downloads


Activity Sheet - TLE - Gr.10 - Front Office Services - Check-In Procedures

Grade 10 | Technology and Livelihood Education | DOC 3,185 Downloads