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Mga Pag-aalsang Naganap sa Panahon ng Kolonyalismo Published on 2019 November 27th

Ang materyal na ito ay proyekto ng Baclas ES sa Dibisyon ng Kalinga at naaayon sa implementasyon ng K to 12 Curriculum. Ito ay para sa mga mag-aaral ng Grade 5 at sa pamamagitan nito ay maipapamalas sa kanila ang pang-unawa sa mga pangyayari noong panahon ng kolonyalismong Espanyol.

Grade 5 | Araling Panlipunan | PDF 1,640 Downloads

MISOSA Gr. 5 Module 62 Volume of a Rectangular Prism

This module is composed of activities aimed to develop learners' skill in finding the volume of a rectangular prism.

Grade 5 | Mathematics | PDF 1,222 Downloads

Measures: volumes Published on 2018 August 1st

Compare the volumes of a range of rectangular prisms when scaling up (enlarging) side lengths by different ratios. Notice that the rectangular prisms are not similar in the mathematical sense, but it is possible to predict the effect on the volume produced by the scaling of the sides. Identify and describe the relationship between side lengths and volume when scaling up prisms. This learning object is the last in a series of eight objects that progressively increase in difficulty.

Grade 7 | Mathematics | RAR 915 Downloads

TLE: HE – Pag-iimbak at Preserbatiba Published on 2014 December 4th

This learning material consists activities and exercises that will help students acquire deeper understanding of preservatives used in different kind of food processing.

Grade 6 | Technology and Livelihood Education | PDF 398 Downloads

On a Field Trip Published on 2011 March 23rd

A lesson pack that contains story designed for reading which is anchored on the Content-Based Approach and the Concentrated Language Encounter Teaching

Grade 1 | English | PDF 390 Downloads

Ang Mabuot nga Karabaw Published on 2012 February 10th

A story book written in mother tongue (Hiligaynon) intended for pre-school and grade 1 classes. It can be printed in varied sizes, i.e. A3, A4, Letter, Foolscap or Folio, and Legal.

Kindergarten | Mother Tongue | ZIP 378 Downloads

MISOSA Gr. 5 Module 60 Area of a Circle Published on 2013 May 30th

This is a learning material (Worksheet). It contains lesson on area of a circle. It helps develop learners' skill in finding the area of a circle.

Grade 5 | Mathematics | PDF 368 Downloads

PRODED Mga Bahagi ng Pangungusap Published on 2016 August 25th

This material is composed of activities aimed to develop learners' skill in distinguishing verbs as well as distinguishing nouns and pronouns as subject.

Grade 4 | Filipino | PDF 350 Downloads

PAMILYA NI OCA Published on 2019 April 22nd

Ito ay kuwento ng pamilyang masaya, sama-sama at nagtutulungan.

Grade 1 | Filipino | ZIP 346 Downloads

Si Timbo Tilapya Published on 2018 November 27th

This storybook written in Mother Tongue (Hiligaynon) is intended for kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2 learners. It can be used in the following domains alphabet knowledge, oral language, grammar awareness, listening and reading comprehension.It can be printed in varied sizes, ie. A3, A4 and letter

Kindergarten | Mother Tongue | PDF 315 Downloads