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EASE Modyul 1: Heograpiya ng Daigdig Published on 2014 September 5th

This material is composed of lessons aimed to broaden learners' knowledge of world geography, the world's physical characteristics, and the various theories on the origin of the world.

Grade 8 | Araling Panlipunan | PDF 1,383 Downloads

ASEAN Curriculum Sourcebook Published on 2014 January 22nd

A teaching resource for primary and secondary schools to foster an outward-looking, stable, peaceful, and prosperous asean community.

Kindergarten | Kindergarten | PDF 253 Downloads

The PRIMALS Compendium of Teaching Resources for English and Filipino (Grades 4 to 10) Published on 2019 September 11th

The PRIMALS Compendium of Teaching Resources is a collection of exemplar lesson plans designed for use by teachers of English and Filipino in Grades 4 to 10 and guides for literacy strategies that can be used across the curriculum. These materials were developed through a series of training and writing workshops in the PRIMALS program of the Department of Education (DepEd), in partnership with Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST).

Grade 7 | English | 7Z 247 Downloads

Readiness Skills Activity Sheets: Sinugbuanong Binisaya - Unit 3 Published on 2014 January 29th

This material consists of activities and exercises to develop the readiness skills of preschoolers.

Kindergarten | Kindergarten | DOC 242 Downloads

Physical Education 6. Quarter 1, Weeks 1 to 8: Daily Lesson Log Published on 2017 June 1st

Daily lesson log in discussing how to assess physical activities and physical fitness.

Grade 6 | Physical Education | ZIP 202 Downloads

Take a vote: make it fair Published on 2018 July 25th

Look at voting patterns when students elect a school captain. Notice that the election result may be influenced by unfair behavior. Think about the effects of bribes, multiple votes, biased counting, non-secret ballots and optional voting. Choose rules needed to ensure a fair election. This learning object is the first in a series of two objects that progressively increase in difficulty.

Grade 1 | Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao | RAR 198 Downloads

Ang Tekstura Published on 2014 August 14th

At the end of the module you'll find that texture is important in an artwork and how to create textures

Grade 1 | Arts | PDF 196 Downloads

Saan Napunta ang Tubig Published on 2018 December 24th

This storybook is intended for Grade 3 learners in Science but can be used also in other subjects. This will serve also as supplementary reading material in other Grade levels to improve the reading ability and comprehension of learners.

Grade 3 | Science | PDF 190 Downloads

MISOSA 5: Kababaihan sa Panahon ng mga Ninuno Published on 2014 September 12th

This module discusses the way early Filipinos showed importance and respect to women.

Grade 4 | Araling Panlipunan | PDF 188 Downloads

EASE Module 5 Matter Around Me Published on 2018 May 11th

This module defines what matter is, its classification, and the changes it undergoes.

Grade 7 | Science | DOC 187 Downloads