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MISOSA Mga Detalye ng Ulat o Balita at Pagsulat ng Patalastas at Balita Published on 2014 November 10th

This module contains activities aimed to sharpen learners' skill in noting details and writing news and advertisements.

Grade 4 | Filipino | PDF 423 Downloads

Consonant Blends Published on 2011 March 23rd

This teacher support material provides a practical approach to developing beginning reading skills through sequenced activities and experiences in visual discrimination and letter recognition to letter - sound relationships of consonants bl, sl, fl, pl, cl and gl.

Grade 2 | English | PDF 337 Downloads

ASEAN Curriculum Sourcebook Published on 2014 January 22nd

A teaching resource for primary and secondary schools to foster an outward-looking, stable, peaceful, and prosperous asean community.

Kindergarten | Kindergarten | PDF 324 Downloads

The PRIMALS Compendium of Teaching Resources for English and Filipino (Grades 4 to 10) Published on 2019 September 11th

The PRIMALS Compendium of Teaching Resources is a collection of exemplar lesson plans designed for use by teachers of English and Filipino in Grades 4 to 10 and guides for literacy strategies that can be used across the curriculum. These materials were developed through a series of training and writing workshops in the PRIMALS program of the Department of Education (DepEd), in partnership with Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST).

Grade 7 | English | 7Z 304 Downloads

The Nervous System Published on 2010 January 28th

This module describes the parts, functions, and diseases encountered by the human nervous system.

Grade 6 | Science | PDF 254 Downloads

Ang Tekstura Published on 2014 August 14th

At the end of the module you'll find that texture is important in an artwork and how to create textures

Grade 1 | Arts | PDF 245 Downloads

Take a vote: make it fair Published on 2018 July 25th

Look at voting patterns when students elect a school captain. Notice that the election result may be influenced by unfair behavior. Think about the effects of bribes, multiple votes, biased counting, non-secret ballots and optional voting. Choose rules needed to ensure a fair election. This learning object is the first in a series of two objects that progressively increase in difficulty.

Grade 1 | Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao | RAR 243 Downloads

How to Use the LRMDS Portal Published on 2014 October 16th

User's guide on how to browse and search learning resources in the LRMDS portal.

Kindergarten | Kindergarten | PDF 211 Downloads

MISOSA Kahulugan ng Salita sa Pamamagitan ng Kasalungat Published on 2014 November 10th

This material contains activities aimed to sharpen learners' skill in connecting texts heard with their prior knowledge as well as identifying word meanings using antonyms.

Grade 4 | Filipino | PDF 210 Downloads

K to 12 Curriculum Guide: Mathematics Published on 2017 July 5th

Curriculum Guide for Mathematics Grades 1 to 10.

Grade 1 | Mathematics | PDF 208 Downloads