Understanding Culture, Society & Politics, Module 12: Social Change and Social Movements

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Published on 2022 June 9th

This UCSP class module discusses social change as a constant in human societies. It is fueled by forces such as globalization, demographic shifts, climate change, and technology. While social change can be a gradual evolution towards modern progress, it can also be caused by rapid events such as revolutions and civil war.
● Define and understand concepts related to social and political change; ● Provide examples of social and political change in the Philippine context; ● Identify and explain concepts and definitions that help make sense of social and political change; ● Expound on the role of social movements in influencing social and political change; ● Discuss the relationship between social and political change; and ● Demonstrate the individual’s role in advancing social and political change within the current context.

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K to 12
Grade 11, Grade 12
New challenges to human adaptation and social change
Describe how human societies adapt to new challenges in the physical, social, and cultural environment

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