Su Paganayan a Sangkad sa Kabatya: Kasangkapan nu Ebpamandu (Magindanawn)

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Published on 2020 April 5th

This Teacher's Guide may serve as a guide for the teacher in teaching Reading/Reading Comprehension (Maguindanaon).

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 1
Mother Tongue
Oral Language Grammar Awareness Attitude towards reading Phonics and Word Recognition
Browse books read to them. Listen attentively and react positively during story reading Request more stories to be read to them Show interest in texts by browsing/reading available print materials Give the
name and
sound of
each letter Identify
upper and
lower case
letters. Give the
of the name
of each
picture Blend
letters to
and words. Use appropriate expressions orally to introduce : a. oneself b. family c. friends d. others Identify naming words (persons, places, things, animals) a. common and proper b. noun markers Use naming words in sentences a. common and proper b. noun markers Classify naming words into persons, places, animals, and things, etc. Identify pronouns: a. personal b. possessive Use the correct pronouns in place of naming words in sentences a. personal b. possessive Identify pronouns with contractions .* (siya’y, tayo’y . . .) Identify the tense of the action word in the sentence Use the correct tense and time signal of an action word in a sentence Identify action words in oral and written exercises Use action words to give simple two to three-step directions. Identify describing words that refer to color, size, shape, texture, temperature and feelings in sentences. Use describing words in sentences. Give the synonyms and antonyms of describing words.

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