Self-Learning Modules- Quarter 4-Arts: Grade 5, Modules 1-8

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Published on 2022 September 1st

Contents: 1. Arts 5: Quarter 4- Module 1: Mga Kagamitan sa Paggawa ng 3 Dimensiyonal Craft. 2. Arts 5: Quarter 4- Module 2: Ang Gumagalaw na Sining (Mobile Art). 3. Arts 5: Quarter 4- Module 3: 3D o Three-Dimension Art. 4. Arts 5: Quarter 4- Module 4: Sining Pangkabuhayan. 5. Arts 5: Quarter 4- Module 5: Paggawa ng Mobile Art. 6. Arts 5: Quarter 4- Module 6: Kabuhayan Mula sa Sining: Paggawa ng Paper Beads. 7. Arts 5: Quarter 4- Module 7: Takang Papel. 8. Arts 5: Quarter 4- Module 8: Paggawa ng Paper Beads.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 5
Sculpture and 3D Crafts
Educators, Learners
Identifies the different techniques in making 3dimensional crafts Explores possibilities on the use of created 3d crafts Applies knowledge of colors shapes balance in creating mobiles papiermch jars and paper beads Displays artistry in making mobiles with varied colors and shapes Creates designs for making 3dimensional crafts Shows skills in making a papiermch jar Creates paper beads with artistic designs and varied colors out of old magazines and colored papers for necklace bracelet id lanyard

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