Self-Learning Module- Quarter 2-Arts: Grade 7, Modules 1-8

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Published on 2022 July 1st

Contents: 1. Arts 7: Quarter 2- Module 1: Arts and Crafts, Mirrors of the Region’s Identity. 2. Arts 7: Quarter 2- Module 2: INTRINSIC DESIGN: An Access to a High Quality of Life Architectures, Sculptures and Everyday Objects in MIMAROPA and Visayas. 3. Arts 7: Quarter 2- Module 3: Arts and Crafts of MIMAROPA and the Visayas (When Bisaya Meets Tagalog) Elements of Art. 4. Arts 7: Quarter 2- Module 4: Arts and Crafts of MIMAROPA and the Visayas Principles behind the Elements (Principles of Arts). 5. Arts 7: Quarter 2- Module 5: Move! Weave Way! Attire, Fabrics and Tapestries of MIMAROPA and Visayas. 6. Arts 7: Quarter 2- Module 6: MIMAROPA and Visayas: States of the Art Indeed! Crafts and Accessories, and Body Ornamentation (MIMAROPA and Visayas). 7. Arts 7: Quarter 2- Module 7: Footprints of the South, East and West Architectures of MIMAROPA and Visayas. 8. Arts 7: Quarter 2- Module 8: Treasures of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Sculptures of MIMAROPA and Visayas.`

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K to 12
Grade 7
Arts and Crafts of MIMAROPA Mindoro Marinduque Romblon and Palawan and the Visayas
Educators, Learners
Analyze elements and principles of art in the production ones arts and crafts inspired by the arts of mimaropa and the visayas Identify characteristics of arts and crafts in specific areas in mimaropa and the visayas marinduque moriones masks palawan manunggul jar mindoro hanunuomangyan writing basketry and weaving bohol churches cebu furnitures iloilo culinary arts old houses samar basey mats etc Appreciate the artifacts and art objects in terms of its utilization and its distinct use of art elements and principles Incorporate the design form and spirit of artifacts and art objects from mimaropa and the visayas Create crafts that can be locally assembled with local materials guided by local traditional techniques eg habi lilip etc Correlates the development of crafts in specific areas of the country according to functionality traditional specialized expertise and availability of resources eg architecture weaving pottery accessories masks and culinary arts Show the relationship of mimaropa and visayas arts and crafts to philippine culture traditions and history islamic influences spanish heritage american legacies in education business modernization and entertainment indigenous practices fiestas religious and social practices

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