Nutritional Assessment (Video)

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Published on 2020 June 16th

This video is designed as a reference material in conducting nutritional assessment among children. It will guide the viewer to identify signs that require referral to proper health nutrition authorities for proper management and intervention. This video is not a substitute for any professional care or assessment. The tools and equipment used in the following video do not necessarily reflect the only resources available in the Philippines. Children involved in the production of this video have parental consent. Please refer to the link provided in the External Resource Modifier.

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K to 12
health well-being and motor development - physical education and health C. KALUSUGANG PISIKAL AT PAGPAPAUNLAD NG KAKAYAHANG MOTOR (KP) : Kasanayang Pisikal (Physical Fitness - PF) C. KALUSUGANG PISIKAL AT PAGPAPAUNLAD NG KAKAYAHANG MOTOR (KP) : Pangangalaga sa Sariling Kalusugan at Kaligtasan (PKK) F. UNDERSTANDING THE PHYSICAL AND NATURAL ENVIRONMENT (PNE): Life Science: Body and the Senses (BS)
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