Healthy Foods (Poster)

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Published on 2020 June 15th

This material is intended for the classroom or any strategic areas within the school to promote healthy food choices. Please refer to the link provided in the External Resource Identifier.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
health well-being and motor development - physical education and health C. KALUSUGANG PISIKAL AT PAGPAPAUNLAD NG KAKAYAHANG MOTOR (KP) : Kasanayang Pisikal (Physical Fitness - PF) F. UNDERSTANDING THE PHYSICAL AND NATURAL ENVIRONMENT (PNE): Life Science: Body and the Senses (BS)
Educators, Learners
Use the senses to observe and perform simple experiments in classifying objects ( e.g., texture – soft/hard, smooth/rough; taste – salty, sweet, sour) Identify one’s basic needs and ways to care for one’s body Practice ways to care for one’s body Describe how one grows and changes Competency a

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