The PRIMALS Compendium of Teaching Resources for English and Filipino (Grades 4 to 10)

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Published on 2019 September 11th

The PRIMALS Compendium of Teaching Resources is a collection of exemplar lesson plans designed for use by teachers of English and Filipino in Grades 4 to 10 and guides for literacy strategies that can be used across the curriculum. These materials were developed through a series of training and writing workshops in the PRIMALS program of the Department of Education (DepEd), in partnership with Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST).
The goal of any teacher is to provide engaging and fascinating lessons that captivate learners and help them learn required concepts and skills. None of these goals can happen without lesson planning and the use of tried out and evidence-based instructional strategies. In line with this, teachers can use the Compendium materials in the following ways:

1. Adopt/Adapt the lesson plans to use in their classrooms;
2. Use the lesson plans as models for developing their own lessons;
3. Use the literacy strategy guides to develop instructional strategies that fit their instructional goals;
4. Use the Compendium as resources for LAC sessions and other teacher professional development programs; and
5. Develop similar lessons on other text types and guides for other literacy strategies to add to the Compendium.

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K to 12
Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 4, Grade 9, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 10
English, Filipino
Philippine Literature World Literature Reading Comprehension Panitikang Luzon: Larawan ng Pagkakakilanlan Pagbasa: Pag-unlad ng Talasalitaan Pagbasa Pagpapahalaga sa Wika, Literasi at Panitikan Pagpapahalaga sa Wika, at Panitikan Curriculum Guide Literature Pag-unawa sa Binasa Wika at Gramatika Pag-unawa sa Napakinggan Pagbasa: Pagunawa sa Binasa Pagbasa: Estratehiya sa Pag-aaral
Draw similarities and differences of the featured selections in relation to the theme

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