EASE Module 7 Building Friendships

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Published on 2010 August 16th

This material is composed of activities aimed to develop learners' skill in noting details, recalling ideas, and sequencing events.

1. to develop appreciative listening skills

2. to point out important details

3. to use correct pronunciation, intonation and stress patterns pausing and blending

4. to effectively express thoughts & feeling about friendship

5. to recall ideas from previous readings related to a given test

6. to recognize collocations and semantic relationships by arranging words in lines and cluster

7. to define concepts and ideas

8. to use the patterns of definition correctly

9. to complete a paragraph that defines

10. to sequence ideas in paragraphs that define

11. to refer motives, attitudes and values of the character from what he/she does

12. to appreciate the value of friendship

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 7, Grade 5
Oral Language Reading Comprehension Oral Language and Fluency
Learners, Students
Note details in a selection heard

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