Content-Based Calendar of Words TLE 10 Agri-Fishery Food Fish Processing

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Published on 2023 July 26th

This Calendar of Words will serve as a guide to identify words in TLE – Food Processing which includes Food Processing Tools, Equipment and Utensils; Use Tools, equipment, and utensils; Post-operational Activities; and Processing Food by Salting, Curing and Smoking.
Read grade- level texts with appropriate speed, accuracy, and expression;
Read with automatically grade level frequently occurring content area words; and
Read grade level text with 145 words correct per minute.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 10
Technology and Livelihood Education
AgriFishery arts Food Fish Processing
Select raw and packaging materials and supplies for processing Prepare raw and packaging materials and supplies Select and prepare equipment for use Operate equipment Maintain equipment and resources Prepare for cleaning Clean and sanitize equipment and processing packaging area to meet workplace requirements Load and unload raw materials products and supplies Secure and protect load Complete documentation Develop and strengthen personal competencies and skills pecs needed food processing Develop a productservice in food processing Select a business idea based on the criteria and techniques set Develop a brand for the product

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