Lesson Guide in Elementary Mathematics 4 - Whole Number - Comprehension of Addition

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Published on 2011 September 28th

This is a lesson guide in elementary mathematics. It contains lessons on addition of whole numbers and its properties. It helps develop learner's skill in adding numbers through billions with or without regrouping and improve understanding of the different properties of whole numbers.
To develop in the students the ability to:
1. Add 6- or more digit numbers with 4- or more addends with sums through billions with and without regrouping.
2. Identify the commutative Property of Addition used in an equation.
3. Show the associative Property of Addition
4. Identify the identity property of addition used in an equation.
5. Estimate the sum of 6- or more digit addends.
6. Add 2- to 3-digit numbers mentally with sums up to 300 without regrouping.
7. Analyze word problems involving addition.
8. Solve word problems involving addition of whole numbers including money with sums through millions and billions.
9. Solve mentally 1-step word problems involving addition with sums up to 300 without regrouping.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 2, Grade 3
Numbers and Number Sense
Adds 3- to 4-digit numbers up to three addends with sums up to 10 000 without and with regrouping. Estimates the sum of 3- to 4-digit addends with reasonable results.

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