Self-Learning Module-Quarter 1-Physical Education: Grade 7, Modules 1-4

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Published on 2022 May 26th

Contents: 1. Physical Education 7: Quarter 1-Module 1: Physical Fitness Test. 2. Physical Education 7: Quarter 1-Module 2: Basic Exercise Program. 3. Physical Education 7: Quarter 1-Module 3: Introduction to Individual Sports: Running and Swimming. 4. Physical Education 7: Quarter 1: Module 4: Introduction to Individual Sports: Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 7
Physical Education
Individual Sports Dual Sports and Combative Sports
Educators, Learners
Undertakes physical activity and physical fitness assessments Describes the nature and background of the sport Executes the skills involved in the sport Assumes responsibility for achieving personal fitness

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