HEALTH - Existing National Laws Related to Health Trends, Issues and Concerns (Part 2)

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Published on 2020 February 6th

The learner demonstrates an understanding of current health trends, issues, and concerns at the local, regional, and national levels. The learner demonstrates critical thinking skills in exploring local, regional and national health trends, issues, and concerns.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 10
Consumer Health Health Trends Issues and Concerns National Level Health Trends Issues and Concerns Global Level
Differentiates reliable from unreliable health information products and services Explains the guidelines and criteria in the selection and evaluation of health information products and services Discusses the various forms of health service providers and healthcare plans Selects health professionals specialists and health care services wisely Explains the nature and dangers of quackery Reports fraudulent health services Explains the different kinds of complementary and alternative health care modalities Explains the importance of consumer laws to protect public health Identifies national and international government agencies and private organizations that implement programs for consumer protection Participates in programs for consumer welfare and protection Discusses the existing health related laws Explains the significance of the existing health related laws in safeguarding peoples health Follows existing health related laws Critically analyzes the impact of current health trends issues and concerns Recommends ways of managing health issues trends and concerns Discusses the significance of global health initiatives Describes how global health initiatives positively impact peoples health in various countries Analyzes the issues in the implementation of global health initiatives Recommends ways of adopting global health initiatives to local or national context

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