5282 K to 10 Learning Resources

ID Title Language Resource Type Actions
18778 Philippine Literature - ADM Module in English 7 English Modules View Download
18777 Si Nonoy Astig Hiligaynon Storybooks View Download
18776 Effects of Force on Movement of Objects, Things and Persons - Indigenized Activity Sheets in Science Grade 4 English Modules View Download
18774 Using the Calendar to Tell the Number of Days in a Month and Months in a Year - Activity Sheets in Math 3 English Activity Sheets View Download
18773 Using Baking Tools and Equipment in Preparing Pastry Products - ADM Module in TLE 10 English Modules View Download
18772 Pronouns - Learning Module in English 10 English Modules View Download
18771 Fundamental Position of Arms and Feet in Dancing English Activity Sheets View Download
18770 Ang Lawa ng Bonnong (Pagbibigay Hinuha) - Activity Sheets in Filipino 6 Filipino Activity Sheets View Download
18752 Dakbanwa ni Juan Hiligaynon Storybooks View Download
18751 Ang Plawta ni Perla Filipino Storybooks View Download
18748 Si Pedro Bagonhon Hiligaynon Storybooks View Download
18747 Ang Bulak nga Tapol Hiligaynon Storybooks View Download
18745 Lolly Lollipop Filipino Storybooks View Download
18743 Radical Equation English Modules View Download
18742 Division of Polynomial Using Synthetic Division - Activity Sheets in Math 10 English Activity Sheets View Download