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Published on 2018 August 13th

Explore facts about towns and tourist attractions in Central Western New South Wales. Build information reports for a tourism website. Use a model text structure and images to build information reports about Western Plains Zoo, Warrumbungle Range and Parkes. Choose titles, words and images that suit your audience and support your message. For example, use technical words such as 'open-range zoo' and 'radio telescope' to describe tourist attractions. Use aspects of visual grammar to choose an image focused on the most relevant part of a scene. Link ideas through the layout, paragraphs and headings.
1. Students explore how language choices construct the factual content in a text.
2. Students choose titles, sentences and images to create a web page that supports a positive evaluative stance.
3. Students connect multimodal elements of a tourism web page.
4. Students identify how multimodal choices contribute to factual content and evaluative stance.

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