Rainforest: make signs

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Make signs to give information about places of interest in a rainforest. Make signs about four topics: temperate rainforest; forest floor; tree ferns; and tree goannas. Use sample text to build your own signs: heading; opening paragraph; two facts; and a conclusion. Find the locations you have described on a map. Take photos to add to your signs. Finally, place your signs on map locations by matching them with symbols. As you go, look up the meaning of tricky words. This learning object is the last in a series of nine objects. Eight objects in the series are also packaged as a combined learning object.
1. Students decode texts by interpreting visual elements.
2. Students understand the literal meanings presented in texts.
3. Students identify the meaning of a text by referring to illustrations and text structure.
4. Students follow a sequence of instructions.

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K to 12
Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 5, Grade 6
Listening Comprehension Reading Comprehension Vocabulary Development Writing and Composition Viewing Comprehension Oral Reading Fluency Oral Language and Fluency

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