TLE: Agriculture – Asekswal/Artipisyal na Pagpaparami ng Halaman

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Published on 2014 December 4th

This learning material consists activities and exercises that will help develop students skills in artificial propagation.
1. Discuss asexual propagation.
2. Explain importance asexual propagation.
3. Show the proper way of doing an asexual propagation.
4. Answer the activities accurately.
5. Participate actively in class activities

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 6
Technology and Livelihood Education
Propagating trees and fruit trees
Learners, Students
Discusses the importance of planting and propagating trees and fruitbearing trees and marketing seedlings Uses technology in the conduct of survey to find out the following elements to be observed in planting trees and fruitbearing trees market demands for fruits sources of fruitbearing trees famous orchard farms in the country Conduct asurvey to identify types of orchard farms trees appropriate for orchard gardening based on location climate and market demands proper way of plantingpropagating trees and fruitbearing trees budding marcotting grafting sources of fruitbearing trees how to care for seedlings Prepares layout design of an orchard garden using the information gathered Propagates trees and fruitbearing trees using scientific processes Performs systematic and scientific ways of caring orchard trees seedlings such as watering culvating preparing and applying organic fertilizer Markets fruits and seedlings Develops plan for expansion of planting trees and seedling production

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