TLE: HE – Iba’t-ibang Pamamaraan ng Pag-iimbak ng Pagkain

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Published on 2015 January 9th

This learning material consists activities and exercises that will help students learn the different kinds of food preservation.
1. Discuss the different kinds of food preservation.
2. Identify the kinds of preservatives.
3. Discuss the materials needed in food preservation.
4. Practice the guidelines in proper food handling.
5. Follow the procedure in preserving tomato.
6. Answer the activities accurately.
7. Participate actively in class activities

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 6
Technology and Livelihood Education
Home Economics
Explains different ways of food preservation drying salting freezing and processing Uses the toolsutensils and equipment and their substitutes in food preservation processing Preserves food applying principles and skills in food preservation processing Conducts simple research to determine market trends and demands inpreserved processed foods

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