MISOSA Module 12 : Iskalang Pentatonic

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Published on 2014 August 11th

The module is about the concepts of pentatonic scale
Identify accurately the pentatonic tones in every scale
Demonstrate understanding of concepts pertaining to rhythm and music symbols

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 4, Grade 5
Learners, Students
Identify the pitch name of each line and space of the g-clef staff Identify the pitch names of notes on the ledger lines and spaces below the gclef staff middle c and d Recognize the meaning and use of g clef Identify the movement of the melody as no movement ascending stepwise descending stepwise ascending skip wise and descending skip wise Identifies the highest and lowest pitch in a given notation of a musical piece to determine its range Sing with accurate pitch the simple intervals of a melody Perform hisher own created melody Recognizes the meaning and uses of f-clef on the staff Identifies the pitch names of each line and space on the f-clef staff Identify the symbols sharp flat and natural Recognizes aurally and visually examples of melodic interval Identifies the notes of the intervals in the c major scale Identify successive sounding of two pitches Identify the beginning melodic contour of a musical example Determine the range of a musical example: wide/narrow Read/sing notes in different scales: pentatonic scale; c major scale; g major scale

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