Ang mga Iskalang G Mayor

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Published on 2014 August 11th

The module is about the function of G major in a scale
Identify the function of G Major in scale
Distinguish the major sound of a major chord from minor chord

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K to 12
Grade 5, Grade 6
Learners, Students
Recognizes the meaning and uses of f-clef on the staff Identifies the pitch names of each line and space on the f-clef staff Identify the symbols sharp flat and natural Recognizes aurally and visually examples of melodic interval Identifies the notes of the intervals in the c major scale Identify successive sounding of two pitches Identify the beginning melodic contour of a musical example Determine the range of a musical example: wide/narrow Read/sing notes in different scales: pentatonic scale; c major scale; g major scale Demonstrate the ability to sing read and write musical notations Analyze the melodic patterns of songs in c major g major and f major keys Sing and play solo or with group melodiessongs in c major g major and f major Create simple melodies in c major g major and f major scales Sing selfcomposed melodies in c major g major and f major keys

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