Write an article: responsible fishing: assessment

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Published on 2014 April 29th

Assess your ability to write an article. Research fishing in Western Australia. Look at how and why laws restrict people from taking certain fish. Identify cases where laws apply: size limits, bag limits and closed seasons. Build a magazine article explaining the fishing laws. Use a model structure and persuasive text to support a responsible position. For example, choose words such as 'precious' and 'vitally important' to make strong statements. View and print a report of your results. This assessment object is one in a series of two objects.
Students complete a factual exposition to suit the social context, audience and purpose.
Students revise a factual exposition to improve language choice and usage.
Students choose opinion adjectives and adverbs to support an evaluative stance.
Students interpret technical language.

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K to 12
Grade 5, Grade 6
Reading Comprehension Writing and Composition Viewing Comprehension
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