Beach safety: video campaign: assessment

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Published on 2014 April 23rd

Assess your ability to build a video for a public awareness campaign about safety at the beach. Work with a lifesaver to help make a beach safer. Look at the importance of water safety and skin protection at the beach. Hear some safety tips from some beach-goers. Then build your video. Choose appropriate animated clips and edit the video if you need to. Examine differences between formal and informal language, then select appropriate text for the script. Replay your video, and then view and print out your results. This object is one in a series of two objects.
Students recognise representational, interactive and compositional dimensions of meaning in verbal texts and moving images.
Students plan, draft and revise a text to promote a point of view.
Students select appropriate language from formal, informal, colloquial, jargon and slang to construct a text for a particular audience.
Students produce a critical text on a public issue.

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