Philippine Professional Standards For Teachers (PPST) Resource Package: Module 10

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Published on 2022 September 19th

A guidebook for teachers on how to focus on design, selection, organization and utilization of assessment strategies to enhance the practice of the profession assessment strategies
1. grasp assessment as an integral part of the teaching and learning process to track and measure learner’s progress and adjust instruction accordingly.
2. act as support group and will offer authentic and instructive illustrations
of practice anchored on the PPST to
help enhance current practice.
3. take into account the purpose (what knowledge or skill is being assessed) of the pre-assessment, the needs of the learners (age, readiness levels, learning preferences, etc.), and their
own teaching styles
4. use strategies that fit in their teaching styles to get maximum results from the preassessment
5. determine what aspect of student learning they want to measure.

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