Self-Learning Modules - Quarter 4 - Physical Education: Grade 8, Modules 1 to 3

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Published on 2022 August 25th

Contents: 1. Physical Education ,Grade 8, Quarter 4 - Module 1: Fitness on the Move. 2. Physical Education ,Grade 8, Quarter 4 - Module 2: The Fingernail's Dance. 3. Physical Education ,Grade 8, Quarter 4 - Module 3: Dance with Me.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 8
Physical Education
Folk Dances with Asian Influence
Educators, Learners
Undertakes physical activity and physical fitness assessments Reviews goals based on assessment results Addresses barriers low level of fitness lack of skill and time to exercise Describes the nature and background of the dance Executes the skills involved in the dance Monitors periodically ones progress towards the fitness goals Performs appropriate first aid for injuries and emergency situations in dance crampssprain heat exhaustion dehydration Analyzes the effect of exercise and physical activity participation on fitness Assumes responsibility for achieving fitness Exerts best effort to achieve positive feeling about self and others

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