Self-Learning Modules - Quarter 3 – English: Grade 6, Modules 1 to 2

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Published on 2022 August 11th

Contents: 1. English 6- Quarter 3- Module 1: Present a Coherent, Comprehensive Report on Differing Viewpoints on an Issue. 2. English 6- Quarter 3- Module 2: Evaluate Narratives Based on How the Author Developed the Elements.
1. make a stand on an informed opinion; and 2. present a coherent comprehensive report on differing viewpoints. (EN10LC-IIId-3.18)
2. identify the elements of the story,
3. determine Elements of a Plot, and
4. evaluate narratives based on how the author developed the elements. (EN6RC-Ic-6.5, EN6RC-Ic-6.6, EN6RC-Ic-6.7)

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K to 12
Grade 6
Listening Comprehension Writing and Composition
Educators, Learners
Make a stand Compose a three-paragraph persuasive essay on self-selected topic

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