Self-Learning Module- Quarter 2 English for Academic Professional Purposes: Grade 11, Modules 6-8

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Published on 2022 July 19th

Contents: 1. English 11 Quarter 2- Module 6: Writing the Position Paper. 2. English 11 Quarter 2- Module 7: Designing, Conducting and Gathering Information from Surveys. 3. English 11 Quarter 2- Module 8: Writing the Report Survey Field Report/Laboratory/Scientific Technical Report.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 11
Writing the Position Paper Writing the Report Survey/ Field Report Laboratory/ Scientific Technical Report
Educators, Learners
Defines what a position paper is Identifies situations in which a position paper
may be effectively used in our present society Gathers manifestoes and analyzes the
arguments used by the writer/s Defends a stand on an issue by presenting
reasonable arguments supported by properlycited
factual evidences Writes various kinds of position papers Designs, tests and revises survey
questionnaires* Conducts surveys, experiments or observations* Gathers information from surveys, experiments, or observations* Disseminates written forms of information from surveys, experiments or observations Summarizes findings and executes the report through narrative and visual/graphic forms

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