Self-Learning Modules- Quarter 3-Arts: Grade 10, Modules 1 and 2

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Published on 2022 August 9th

Contents: 1. Arts 10: Quarter 3- Module 1: Media-Based Arts and Design in the Philippines. 2. Arts 10: Quarter 3- Module 2: Filipino Media-Based Artists and their Works.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 10
Modern Art Mediabased Arts and Design in the Philippines
Educators, Learners
Identify art elements in the various mediabased arts in the philippines Identify representative artists as well as distinct characteristics of mediabased arts and design in the philippines Realize that filipino ingenuity is distinct exceptional and on a par with global standards Determine the role or function of artworks by evaluating their utilization and combination of art elements and principles Use artworks to derive the traditionshistory of a community Create artworks that can be assembled with local materials Describe the characteristics of mediabased arts and design in the philippines Apply different media techniques and processes to communicate ideas experiences and stories the use of software to enhanceanimate images like flash movie maker dreamweaver etc Mount a mediabased exhibit of completed artworks Evaluate works of art in terms of artistic concepts and ideas using criteria appropriate for the style or form of media-based arts and design.

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