Self-Learning Modules - Quarter 3 Music: Grade 9, Modules 1-8

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Published on 2022 August 15th

Contents: Music 9: Quarter 3- Module 1: Composers of the Romantic Period. 2. Music 9: Quarter 3- Module 2 - 3: Performance Practice during the Romantic Period. 3. Music 9: Quarter 3- Module 4: Evaluates Music and Music Performances. 4. Music 9: Quarter 3- Module 5: Musical Elements of Given Romantic Period Pieces. 6. Music 9: Quarter 3- Module 7: Relating Romantic Music to Other Art Forms. 7. Music 9: Quarter 3- Module 8: Improvises Appropriate Accompaniment to Selected Music from Romantic Period.
1. Narrate the life and works of the romantic composers.
2. Identify the contributions of the notable romantic composers in the development of music during this period.
3. Listen perceptively and describe the music of the composers of the romantic period.
4. Discuss the setting, composition, role of composers and audience during Romantic Era.
5. Explore other sources such as media and arts that portray Romantic period.
6. Perform related activities.
7.Evaluate music and music performances using guided rubrics.
8. Identify the musical elements in the Romantic period pieces.
9. Describe the common style compositions in the Romantic period pieces.
10. Perform selected music from the Romantic Period.
11. Relates Romantic music to other art forms and its history within the era.
12. Improvise appropriate accompaniment to selected music from Romantic Period.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 9
Vocal Music of the Romantic Period
Educators, Learners
Narrates the plot musical and theatrical elements of an opera after video and movie showing Listens perceptively to selected art songs and excerpts of opera Sings themes or melodic fragments of given selected songs Explores other arts and media that portray romantic period elements Creates improvises appropriate sounds music gestures movements and costumes for a chosen opera

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