Self-Learning Module- Quarter 2-English : Grade 8, Modules 1-5

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Published on 2022 July 1st

Contents: 1. English 8: Quarter 2- Module 1: Explaining Visual-Verbal Relationships. 2. English 8: Quarter 2- Module 2: Opinion Marking Signals. 3. English 8: Quarter 2- Module 3: Compare and Contrast Same Topic in Different Multimodal Texts. 4. English 8: Quarter 2- Module 4: Comparing and Contrasting Own Opinions. 5. English 8: Quarter 2- Module 5: Analyzing Messages Conveyed in a Text.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 8
Reading Comprehension
Educators, Learners
Recognize propaganda techniques used in a given text Utilize coping reading strategies to process information in a text React to what is asserted or expressed in a text Evaluate the details that support assertions in a text

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