Self Learning Module - Quarter 1- Music : Grade 5, Module 1-4

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Published on 2022 May 27th

Contents: 1. Music 5: Quarter 1 - Modyul 1: Notes at Rests: Kilalanin. 2. Music 5: Quarter 1 - Modyul 2: Rhythmic Patterns Gamit ang Iba’t Ibang Nota. 3. Music 5: Quarter 1 - Modyul 3: Haba o Tagal ng Note at Rest. 4. Music 5: Quarter 1 - Modyul 4: Ang mga Rhythmic Patterns.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 5
Rhythm Melody Form Dynamics Harmony
Educators, Learners
Identifies visually and aurally the kinds of notes and rests in a song Recognizes rhythmic patterns using quarter note half note dotted half note dotted quarter note and eighth note in simple time signatures Identify the different dynamic levels used in a song heard

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