Q3 Homeroom Guidance Grade 9 Module 15: Getting to Know the World of Work

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Published on 2022 January 25th

Relevant information about careers, work standards, labor market information and the world of work in general will be discussed in this module. The learner will also be able to demonstrate his/her appreciation about the contribution of each career to society and global economy through meaningful ways. It is with anticipation that the learner will gain helpful insights about the world of work by the end of this module.
After going through this module, you are expected to:
1. relate one’s self to the current situation of preferred careers;
2. appreciate the implication of work assessment to one’s career decision;
4. recognize one’s competencies and knowledge in relation to the required expertise in the field;
5. relate one’s career choice to the Labor Market Information;
6. display positive attitude or behavior in choosing what field to pursue; and
7. appreciate the contribution of each career to society and global economy

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