Q3 Homeroom Guidance Grade 9 Module 14: The Responsible Me

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Published on 2022 January 25th

People will normally encounter different challenges. As a young learner, this module will prepare you to assume duties and responsibilities, not only for yourself, but for others and your community. It also allows you to explore creative ways to develop your problem-solving skills. This module was crafted for you to develop a sense of appreciation for the various challenges that you encounter in life. Remember that challenging experiences can be transformed to learning experiences that will eventually give you opportunities to achieve personal as well as professional growth in the future.
At the end of the learning session, you are expected to:

1. evaluate the significance of assuming responsibilities;
2. analyze the possible and helpful ways of solving problems to different challenges in life;
3. promote positive skills in responding to challenges and difficulties in everyday living; and
4. identify conditions or situations where sound problem-solving skills can be employed.

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