Tarabay iti Panangisuro iti Ilokano

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Published on 2020 April 5th

This Teacher's Resource Book may serve as a guide for the teacher in teaching Reading/Reading Comprehension (Ilocano).

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 3
Mother Tongue
Oral Language Reading Comprehension Attitude Towards Reading
Participates actively during class sharing on familiar topics by making comments and asking questions using complete sentences/ paragraphs. Relates one’s own experiences and ideas related to the topics using a variety of words with proper phrasing and intonation. Uses expressions appropriate to the grade level to relate/show one’s obligation, hope, and wish Tells/retells familiar stories and short conversations by using appropriate gestures and expressions in complete sentences. Participates actively during story reading by making comments and asking questions using complete sentences/ paragraphs Use expressions appropriate to the grade level to react to local news, information, and propaganda about school, community and other local activities. Speaks clearly and comprehensivel y by using standard language and appropriate grammatical forms, pitch, and modulation. Participates in and initiate more extended social conversation or dialogue with peers, adults on unfamiliar topics by asking and answering questions, restating and soliciting information. Talks about famous people, places, events, etc. using expanding vocabulary in complete sentences/para graph Uses expressions appropriate to the grade level to explain or give reasons to issues, events, news articles, etc. Recognizes appropriate ways of speaking that vary according to purposes, audience, and subject matter. Notes important details in grade level narrative texts: a. character, b. setting, c. plot (problem and solution) Infers character feelings and traits in a story Predicts possible ending of a story. Relate story events to one’s experiences. Responds to a story through, dramatization, songs or art activities. Gives one’s reaction to an event or issue. Gives another title for literary or informational text. Expresses love for stories and other texts by browsing the books read to them and asking to be read more stories and texts. Shows love for reading by listening attentively during story reading and making comments or reactions. - Expresses interest in texts by reading available print materials.

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