Financial Literacy: Personal Development - When adolescence hits you, REAL TIME! (Batch 2)

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Published on 2020 February 18th

(Lifted from DM 32, s. 2019 – Financial Literacy Learning Resources) “The Department of Education (DepEd) disseminated Financial Literacy Learning Resources consisting of videos and lesson guides through the DepEd Learning Resource Portal." The learning resources focus on simple ways to save and manage one’s expenses. These were developed by the BDO Foundation (BDOF), in coordination with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and DepEd. The development of these learning resources supports the DepEd’s initiative to strengthen the integration of economic and financial literacy in basic education. The list of financial literacy learning resources with its title, learning area, grade level, competency code, and covered topics are provided. Everyone is encouraged to use the said learning resources for the training of teachers, and non-teaching personnel and for classroom instruction.

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Discussing the responsibilities of employees for working efficiently to produce quality work outputs Identify opportunities and barriers to improved productivity as an employee Managing time efficiently Appropriate workplace behavior Efficient, safe and cost-effective use of appropriate work tools Efficient utilization of supplies/materials Proper care and maintenance of tools and equipment Identifying, reporting and reducing risks and hazards Identifying, reporting and reducing risks and hazards Keeping the workplace clean and tidy Demonstrating concern for quality Practicing health and safety measures at work Demonstrating knowledge of first-aid treatment for workplace injuries Practicing professional work ethics Exploring opportunities for continuous improvement and improved profitability Demonstrate understanding of the possibilities and limitations of using appropriate technology as a means to make a living and improve productivity as an employee Identify traditional and indigenous technologies in the community, province, region used to make a living and improve work productivity Identify modern technologies predominantly used to make a living and improve work productivity Discuss the benefits of increased productivity as an employed person

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