Financial Literacy: Personal Development of The BDO Financial Education Video (Lesson Exemplar)

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Published on 2022 January 11th

Curriculum Guide of K to 12 Secondary – for Grade 11 or 12.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 11, Grade 12
Lesson 1: Developing A Business Plan (DP) Lesson 2: Implementing A Simple Business (IB)
Identify the market problem to be solved or the market need to be met; and Propose solution/s in terms of product/s and service/s that will meet the need using techniques on seeking, screening, and seizing opportunities: Analyze the market need; Determine the possible product/s or service/s that will meet the need; Screen the proposed solution/s based on viability, profitability, and customer requirements; and Select the best product or service that will meet the market need. Select the best product or service that will meet the market need. Implement the business plan; Operate the business; Sell the product/service to potential customers; Identify the reasons for keeping business records; Perform key bookkeeping tasks; Interpret financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow projections, and summary of sales and cash receipts); Prepare an income statement and a balance sheet; Identify where there is a profit or loss for a business; and Generate an overall report on the activity.

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