Business Ethics and Social Responsibility (Curriculum Guide)

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Published on 2022 January 11th

Curriculum Guide of K to 12 Senior High School - Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 12
Role of Business in Social and Economic Development Foundations of the Principles of Business Ethics Social Responsibility of Entrepreneurs Business Beyond Profit Motivation
Compare and contrast classical
philosophies as they relate to the
business setting Give examples of how belief
systems affect business practices Analyze simple business situations
as they are affected by the filipino
value system and recommend ways
of confronting ethical challenges in
the business setting Distinguish what is good vs. what
is morally unacceptable among the
given filipino values Suggest ways to enhance employer-employee
relationship and
encourage just and fair business
policies and practices such as
recruitment, promotion, retention,
marketing and advertising,
intellectual property rights, sources
and uses of funds, and the like Advocate honest policies and
practices in all aspects of business
operations Observes and promote policies and
practices in environmental
management Cite examples of companies that
practice social responsibility in the
conduct of their business Provide evidence that ethical/social
responsibility is profitable, i.e.,
makes good business sense Explain the importance of
establishing and sustaining business
enterprises as source of job
opportunities and financial freedom Encourage employees to play active
roles as decision makers in the
business enterprise Suggest innovative ways of
developing new products and

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