Applied Economics (Curriculum Guide)

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Published on 2022 January 11th

Curriculum Guide of K to 12 Senior High School - Applied Economics for Grade 12.

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K to 12
Grade 12
Quarter I. Chapter 1 Introduction to Applied Economics Chapter 2 Applied Economics: 2.1 Application of Supply and Demand; 2.2 Contemporary Economic Issues Facing the Filipino Entrepreneur Quarter II Chapter 3. Industry and Environmental Analysis: Business Opportunities Identification Chapter 4. Socioeconomic Impact Study
Define basic terms in applied economics Identify the basic economic problems of the country Explain how applied economics can be used to solve economic problems Explain the law of supply and demand, and how equilibrium price and quantity are determined Discuss and explain factors affecting demand and supply Compare the prices of commodities and analyze the impact on consumers Explain market structures (perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly, and monopolistic competition) Analyze the effects of contemporary issues such as migration, fluctuations in the exchange rate, oil price increases, unemployment, peace and order, etc. on the purchasing power of the people Identify and explain different principles, tools, and techniques in creating a business Distinguish the different services/products of business and industry in the locality Identify and explain the various socioeconomic factors affecting business and industry Analyze and evaluate the viability of a business and its impact on the community Formulate recommendations and strategies on how to minimize and maximize a business’s negative impact and positive impact, respectively

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