Sugpuin… Human Trafficking

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Published on 2018 April 22nd

This learner’s material provides information on how children and women may be protected from violence and abuse. It also contains list of government and nongovernment agencies that aid victims of human trafficking.
At the end of the module, the learner is able to:
1. cite examples of common violations in children’s and women’s rights such as human trafficking;
2. discuss effects of these illegal actions;
3. share opinions on how to protect children and women from human trafficking;
4. identify agencies (GO and NGO) responsible for protecting victims of human trafficking; and
5. solve simple mathematical problems occurring in daily life.

Curriculum Information

Alternative Learning System
Basic Literacy
Educators, Learners
Suggest ways and means of protecting
children’s rights, identify agencies (both government and
nongovernment) responsible for the
protection of children in the country Promote the rights of women Uphold the rights of children Explain the rights of filipino children Protect the rights of children and fulfil the
corresponding responsibilities to contribute
to national peace and order

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