Babae: Huwag Kang Papayag!

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Published on 2018 April 20th

This module provides information on women’s rights. It also includes discussions on the existing laws against domestic violence against women and children and agencies that aid victims of domestic violence.
At the end of the module, the learner is able to:
1. express one’s feelings and ideas on domestic violence and those occurring in other places;
2. read and write laws on domestic violence;
3. recognize common types of abuse;
4. actively participate in discussion on what to do in times of violence;
5. identify government agencies that aid in protecting women against violence; and
6. practice addition or subtraction with regrouping.

Curriculum Information

Alternative Learning System
Basic Literacy
Educators, Learners
Discuss violations of women’s rights and
how these can be prevented and eliminated,
e.g., violence against women and children
(vawc)] Demonstrate proper exercise of women’s
rights and fulfillment of the corresponding
responsibilities. Enumerate agencies and their functions and
responsibilities that provide protection
against women’s rights violations, e.g.,
gabriela and the national council of
women (ncw).

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