PROBE Constructing Rainbow Tubes

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Published on 2010 November 7th

This material aims to guide participants to explore the relationship between the density of liquid solutions to its concentration or molarity (M). This material aims further to establish the link between the density of solutions and the ability of certain materials to either sink or float when placed upon it.
•To compute and compare the densities of solutions having different concentrations
•To compute for the concentrations or molarity (M) of liquid solutions
•To prove through computation that solutions of different densities have proportional concentrations
•To prove that as the density of a solution increases, its concentration also increases and vice – versa
•To appreciate and apply POE Strategy and Practical Hands-on Technique to one’s teaching

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K to 12
Grade 7
Investigate properties of unsaturated or saturated solutions Express concentrations of solutions quantitatively by preparing different concentrations of mixtures according to uses and availability of materials

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