EASE Module 5 Matter Around Me

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Published on 2018 May 11th

This module defines what matter is, its classification, and the changes it undergoes.
1.define matter;
2.cite examples of matter;
3.classify matter as solid, liquid or gas based on its observable characteristics;
4.differentiate substance from mixture and give examples of each;
5.classify substances as element or compound;
6.differentiate between metal and non-metal based on their observable properties;
7.describe physical and chemical changes;
8.identify evidences of chemical change;
9.give examples of physical and chemical changes in daily life; and
10.infer that energy is involved in physical and chemical changes.

Curriculum Information

K to 12
Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 4
Learners, Students
Classify materials based on the ability to absorb water float sink undergo decay Describe changes in solid materials when they are bent pressed hammered or cut Describe changes in properties of materials when exposed to certain conditions such as temperature or when mixed with other materials Distinguish mixtures from substances based on a set of properties Explain the properties of solids liquids and gases based on the particle nature of matter Explain physical changes in terms of the arrangement and motion of atoms and molecules

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