EASE Module 11 Energy Producing and Distributing Systems

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Published on 2010 October 12th

A module that aims to broaden learners' knowledge of the functions of the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems.
1. Explain why digestion of food is important
2. Name the parts of the human digestive system and explain its role
3. Explain the role of the human digestive system
4. Describe how some accessory organs and glands help the body in the digestive process
5. Define respiration and its two phases
6. Trace the pathway of oxygen and carbon dioxide through the human respiratory system
7. Draw the parts of the respiratory system
8. Label the parts of the respiratory system
9. Identify the functions of the circulatory system
10. Identify the parts of the circulatory system
11. Describe the parts of the circulatory system
12. Illustrate the human heart
13. Show the importance of the human heart
14. Describe how a human heart works
15. Explain the importance of exercise in blood circulation
16. Be aware of the precautionary measures to take in order to maintain a normal and healthy heart

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