EASE Module 8 The Integumentary and Excretory Systems

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Published on 2010 October 12th

A module discussing the functions of each organ in the integumentary and excretory systems and how organs in each system work together to achieve the systems' functions.
1. List the important functions of the integumentary systems
2. When provided with a model or diagram of the skin, recognize and name the different skin structures
3. Describe the characteristics and functions of each structure
4. Describe the location of the kidney in the body
5. Identify the organs that comprise the excretory system
6. Name the three major types of body wastes
7. Explain the function of the kidneys in the excretion of nitrogen-containing wastes
8. Discuss common problems of the integumentary and excretory systems and ways of keeping them healthy

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Living Things and Their Environment
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