EASE Module 9 Life Support Systems

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Published on 2010 October 12th

This module discusses the functions and processes of the the nervous system and endocrine system.
1. Discuss the functions of the nervous system.
2. Name the three parts that compose the nervous system and discuss their functions.
3. Distinguish between stimulus and response.
4. Identify the organs that assist the nervous system.
5. Describe a neuron.
6. Draw and label the parts of the neuron.
7. Discuss the human sense organs.
8. Identify the sense organs of the human body.
9. Discuss the functions of each sense organ.
10. Give the functions of the endocrine system.
11. Identify glands and the roles they play in the human body.
12. Name and locate the endocrine glands.
13. Describe hormones and their actions.

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K to 12
Grade 10
Living Things and Their Environment
Learners, Students
Explain the role of hormones involved in the female and male reproductive systems

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