Spinners: match up

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Published on 2018 July 30th

Predict the results of testing colored spinners (dials with pointers). Choose two spinners that are likely to generate similar results. For example, choose a four-part spinner with two blue sectors and two yellow sectors. Match it with an equivalent spinner divided into blue and yellow halves. Test the pair of spinners over a number of spins. See what color the pointer lands on each time. Watch the graph build and the numbers in the results table change after each spin. Compare the actual results with the expected results. Check whether spinners with the same proportion of each color produce similar frequency graphs. This learning object is one in a series of six objects.
1. Students explore the difference between the information provided by short-run, medium-run and long-run data.
2. Students explore the relationship between sample space and likelihood of outcomes.
3. Students use proportional thinking to identify mathematically equivalent random generators.

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Grade 4, Grade 3, Grade 5, Grade 6
Statistics and Probability
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