Wishball challenge: tens

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Published on 2019 February 28th

Challenge your understanding of place value in whole numbers. Either only add or only subtract numbers in ones or tens to reach a target number. For example, you must subtract. Receive a starting number such as 86. Spin the number 5 and decide whether to subtract 5 or 50 to reach your target number of 18 within 20 turns. Don’t undershoot the target number! Use the ‘Wishball’ to select your final digit. Try to achieve the target in as few turns as possible. This learning object is one of a series of 15 objects.
Students identify the place value of each digit in two-digit numbers.
Students add and subtract ones and tens in two-digit numbers.
Students read and interpret different representations of numbers.
Students apply mental computation skills.

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K to 12
Grade 2, Grade 4, Grade 3, Grade 5
Numbers and Number Sense Patterns and Algebra
Learners, Students

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